Marinades for Chicken

There is just something about marinades for chicken that gets you in the holiday spirit. The savory taste of the chicken is just too good. The meal is super juicy and takes you on a delicious journey. Chicken Marinade tastes the best with chicken breast. However, it tastes equally good with any other cut. Dip the chicken and marinade it for 30 minutes to achieve flavor. The longer you leave it the better it will taste. They’re better than the best steak marinades too as chicken is juicier.

Quick-Fix Chicken Marinade

The best thing about Chicken Marinade is that it is a quick-fix. No matter which type of chicken cut you use, there are plenty of substitution options to keep you happy. If you are short on time, you can make this amazing meal with minimal effort. This savory meal has just a hint of sweet which makes it extra tasty.

Many Substitutions Options

To make the Chicken Marinade, you have many substitutions available. The ingredients you will need are mentioned below.

  1. 1.4 lb thigh, tenderloins, or breast.
  2. 2 tbsp of brown sugar or honey.
  3. 1 tsp of olive oil or any other oil.
  4. 2 tbsp of lemon juice.
  5. 5 tbsp of soy sauce.
  6. ½ tsp of black pepper.
  7. 1 tsp dried oregano, minced herbs, thyme, or rosemary.
  8. 4 garlic cloves.
  9. 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  10. Raspberry Chipotle Marinade
  11. Teriyaki Marinade

Optional Garnishes

  1. Lemon slices.
  2. Finely chopped parsley.

Preparation Instructions

The preparations are rather straightforward as mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, the chicken breast needs to be pounded to even the thickness. You can do this using your fist, a rolling pin, or meat pounder. An alternative would be to cut large pieces of the chicken in half to form cutlets.
  2. Next, you need to mix the marinade in a container or zip lock bag and add the chicken to it.
  3. Leave the chicken to marinade for 30 minutes or 3 hours. You can even leave it overnight for the best taste.
  4. Now, pour a tablespoon of olive oil into the skillet and switch to medium high heat. Then, place the chicken in the skillet to cook it. Keep in mind to lower the heat if the chicken starts to brown very quickly.
  5. Finally, transfer the chicken to the serving plate once the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Make sure to cover the chicken with foil and let it stay for around 3 minutes before you garnish it with some lemon slices and parsley and serve it to everyone.

Cook Times

Each side of the chicken should cook for around 3 to 4 minutes each. The internal temperature should be 75C or 165F. If you are cooking tenderloin and cutlets, 2 minutes should suffice.

Recipe Notes

  1. Marinade works best for skinless boneless cuts.
  2. Cut the breasts horizontally for quick marinade.
  3. If you do not have brown sugar, you can add some maple syrup, 1.5 tbsp honey, and 2 tbsp white sugar.


Chicken Marinade is best served fresh. Try this mouth-watering recipe with your loved ones for the best experience.

Professional Cleaning Services for your office

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The office space that you use not only represents the image of your brands, but it also reflects on your personality as an entrepreneur. As a business person, you have the responsibility to make your office a better space to work. Many people just focus on the revenues, the profit, and the costs of the company, but they forget that there are some things that are appealing to the eyes and they are also very important. For someone who visits your office, the first impression will be formed by the interior of the office, and by the cleanliness of the office space.

The employees of the company also deserve to work in an office space that is at least clean and hygienic. It will not only help in increase the productivity of the employees, but it will also help in boosting the growth of the business.

To keep your office neat and clean, you can hire a professional cleaning company to make your life easier. Here are advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service for your office space:

  1. Assured quality:

The very first thing that you will be provided with is quality commercial office cleaning, as you hire professional cleaning service. Once you have hired the services, you can focus on your business activities more, as the cleanliness is their headache now. As they are professionals, you will not have to worry about the quality of services that they will provide you with. Be it about cleaning the waiting rooms or about cleaning the washrooms, they will know exactly what to do.

  • Healthy Environment:

As your business grows, the number of visitors will also increase day by day. More visitors may be an indication that there could be more germs and bacteria may be born as more and more people enter the office premises. When you hire a professional cleaning service, they will make sure that the office is properly cleaned and kept free of any bacteria and germs. As the office will be kept clean and there will be no bacteria, less employees will take sick leaves, and the work will continue as planned. This will help in maintaining a healthy work environment, and it will also help the business in growing.

  • Highly productive workforce

It has been proved, not even once, that when the office environment clean and free of any distractions, the   employees are able to concentrate more. When the workplace is organized, it will allow them to move around freely and work as per their wishes. Another advantage that these services have is that the employees don’t have to worry about cleaning after they have done their work. They will be able to focus on work without any distractions.

  • Appealing to the eyes:

No matter what we might say, the first impression is always based on what the eyes see. When you have visitors or potential customers visiting, a cleaner office will definitely attract them and make a good impression as well.