About Us

We are RadioWFHL.

Our purpose is to bring you the latest and most comprehensive news, as quickly and accurately as possible. Our core focus is on news, media, and technology, with a unique touch of social and cultural phenomena that impact these sectors.

At RadioWFHL, we don’t just deliver the news; we nurture and develop the talents behind them. Through training and sustainable job creation, we empower our writers and their families to overcome poverty and build brighter futures.

RadioWFHL isn’t a concept that came into existence overnight. Its seeds were sown during a chance encounter on a vacation, and it took enormous effort, countless hours of writing, and relentless reading and studying to bring this dream to life.

Every news article on our website is meticulously curated with great precision and care by our talented team of writers. Spread across the globe, our writers boast a diverse array of degrees and interests, all contributing to bring you the most relevant news in the realm of media and technology.

In 2011, during a vacation in Sweden, our co-founder embarked on an impromptu motorcycle adventure. It was during this journey that she stumbled upon an ensemble of some of the best writers she’d ever encountered.

She maintained connections with as many of these talented individuals as she could, carrying this wealth of human resource back home to Australia to transform her dream into reality. While nurturing freelance writers worldwide, our mission at RadioWFHL is to illuminate the highest quality news in a manner that differs from standard news outlets.

RadioWFHL – The beacon of news, media, and technology, envisioned and executed differently.